Two on Tuesday, Take 3

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From this past week’s RSS feeds coming into my Google Reader, here are two more posts I wanted to pass along to our faculty here at Klem Road South Elementary.

First, from Brian Crosby, is his post, Write It! Brian shares a writing strategy that he has found to be successful with his students. Any ideas on how you could modify this to meet the needs of your students?

Next, here’s a link to make you think about our society, environment, and the role we play. Read Will Richardson’s post, Our Individual Role. Just to think further about environmental issues, according to the Container Recycling Institute, three billion non-carbonated beverage containers are sold in New York State annually. The NYS DEC states that Americans purchased nearly 31 billion bottles of water in 2006 and spend $11 billion on bottled water. Imagine the images we’d see with these statistics.

Our wasteful use of our natural resources is actually the basis for a year-long problem-based learning experience, Going Green Globally, to begin next fall. Look for future posts seeking other schools worldwide to collaborate with on this important issue. If you already know you are interested in exploring this topic in-depth with your students and working with others to initiate changes, please let me know.

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